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Original value "Anchor" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Anchor - value

Total value:

The stability. Reliability. Security. Immunity. card Anchor symbol of hope and a guarantee of safety. Your relationships with others are based on trust, loyalty and friendship. Peace and security can be found in the family circle or close to a loved one. You will achieve your goal. Near the adverse cards can talk about the instability and impermanence of opinion and warn against excessive blunt persistence that can spoil everything.

Jobs, business affairs:

Stability. Strong enterprise secure economy, a solid foundation, good material base, trust employees. The strength and consistency of the basis of human relations well-being. All your actions will be very effective, and your plans for the near future.

Health samochustvie:

chronic illness or the stability of the state

Relationships questions about love:

Love. Fidelity and hope. Feeling your lover to you stable and permanent, nothing can ruin his love and devotion. card Anchor guarantee the reliability and safety of your relationship, a solid foundation in the present and prosperous future.

personality characteristics:

refers to a person of the male sex, fighting, determined, balanced, but a little stubborn and loving to argue. A person who is not free. Workhorse, a workaholic in the truest sense of the word. It is important for security guarantees. Confident, honest, strong, always ready to help. Eye color, hair is quite unique and very different. This type of people gives strength, confidence and protection, they can always rely on. This man has a definite impact on
Querent. The man who lives in the legs to stand on, a man with a strong character. Deep confidence man does not seem to mock, fake, people radiate what it is actually. But be careful if you anchor surrounded by a very negative card: in this case the anchor advises to be careful to take a breather for reflection,
consider alternatives in order to safely overcome obstacles.


It is time anchor, stop. Let the whole world is reeling, but quiet marina waiting for you at your inn.